Very flexible.

(EU) Hi, I'm Krado (19) and I am looking for a experienced ESL team (18+). (I am Diamond but that does not matter in comp play)

Über mich:

Name: Krado
Age: 19
Experience: - over 1 year in ESL
- one season ESL-Premiership
- high positions (8-2) in several
- multible Bomb-Cup winner
Rank: Diamond and plat 1
Prefered role: Support or Flex

Ich suche:

I'm looking for a new competitive team (18+) with an average ranked of plat 1 to diamond, which I can support with my experience in comp. play. I have played over a year in comp now and I played one season in ESL-Premiership and reached high poisitions in several Go4s.

I am a strong support and flex player and very dedicated to push my team to the next level. If you are interested feel free to message me. Serious offers only!


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